It was really fun !!! I learned a lot that can help me in my writing, such as replacing repeated words with details. (Ex: Replace "happy" with "joyous") 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

-Soraya W., Grade 4

Helpful, descriptive, and easy to understand! The website is easy to use, and the videos were thoroughly detailed. I have been looking for a writing class to enroll my children and so grateful to have found EZ Writing Zone. I look forward to enrolling them in the upcoming classes.

-Sadaf H.Parent

EZ Writing Zone is very helpful. The worksheets I did have helped me learn new things which I haven't learned so far. It has helped me to improve writing stories and essays.

-Mustafa A.Grade 6

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know how helpful The Essentials of Good Writing course was for my 10 year old. He enjoyed doing every activity on his own, and it was pretty easy to navigate. He certainly learned helpful skills to improve his writing!

-Nazish J.Parent

Great! I would definitely take more courses with EZ Writing Zone.

- Isa H.Grade 12

The website is easy to use, and I hope I can take some more of the upcoming courses.

-Daania H.Grade 7

I enjoyed using the website and found it helpful.

-Samiha A., Grade 8

Completing this course helped me improve and expand my vocabulary. This will help me write better descriptive essays!

-Amal M., Grade 6

I am grateful I had the opportunity to take this course! It helped me improve both my word choice and the clarity of my writing. The course and website are easy to navigate, and the range of difficulty allows students to challenge themselves.

-Sarah Z.Grade 10

I found the course interesting and helpful. I learned new words and how to use them appropriately in my writing. Thanks!

-Hannah Z.Grade 4

The website was good overall. It taught me a lot about writing - some examples include knowing when more descriptive words and details are needed and when they are not as necessary.

-Ibrahim M.Grade 6